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About Kara

Hi I’m Kara

My passion is coaching and mentoring people to realise their potential, discover their unique strengths and achieve their aspirations.


Working in a space where I know I’m making a real positive difference to individuals, and knowing that through them the ripples reach across their teams, families, businesses and communities is exhilarating.

As an accredited coach with over 20+ years experience in corporate and tertiary organisations I have worked across multiple disciplines. With a diploma in Psychology and experience using many coaching methodologies. Practice areas I am experienced in include Human Resources, Organisational Development and Learning Design, IT, Project Management and Sales, Logistics and Account Management.  I have supported mentoring programmes with Women in Leadership, Emerging Leaders, Graduates and Managers.

I understand the hard work and determination necessary to progress, build credibility and make a difference. I bring a wealth of experience of working with a broad and diverse group of people at all stages of their careers and lives.

I was born in Auckland to European and Pasifika parents at a time when assimilating into a western way of life was expected. Distanced from our Pasifika family meant a disconnection with our heritage, history and culture.

Feeling displaced was simply accepted as a child and becoming a teen mum meant other priorities occupied me for some time. Working hard to be a parent and partner, build a secure future, a career and an education was not a traditional career pathway by any means.

As a more mature adult a deep sense of loss for that Pasifika connection led me to undertake a personal journey to rediscover my heritage.  While hesitant and tentative to start with, this has been a heartwarming journey of reconnections. Learning the old stories, attempting to learn my language, and visiting places of significance in Samoa that as a tourist I had been completely unaware of.

Today I am blessed to be embraced by my aiga, celebrating my identity and reclaiming by mana Pasifika and my sense of belonging. Rebuilding bridges not only for myself but leaving a legacy for the future generations.

Working in the community with Pasifika, emerging leaders and young mothers is an aspiration where I believe my lived experience can make a positive difference to others.

Kara Thomas

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

And being only for myself, what am 'I'?

And if not now, when?"

Hillel, Scholar in Babylon

Lets talk about how we create a pathway for you to be living your best life

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